The summer season has arrived, as well as the need for a brand new home decor. But where to start? Why not begin with the living room interior design. It’s the ideal area to host the new season, and, more importantly, your cherished ones. Our blog gives you 3 invigorating summer trends of inspirational home […]

Baroque sofa

July 13, 2018

The baroque sofas represents the rococo art in all its splendor. Rococo style is an art that finds its source in Italy in the late sixteenth century. It spread rapidly in countries of Europe and the Spanish and Portuguese colonization in Central and South America. The baroque style is an art that likes curves and […]

Commode with drawers

July 13, 2018

For the home, hotel or beauty salon, the baroque commode is a useful storage cabinet, stylish and sophisticated. The commodes with drawers have a solid wooden structure, which are assembled as in the past for an antique piece of furniture, the fittings are made of bronze. To get the golden and silver effect, the furniture […]