Commode with drawers

July 13, 2018

For the home, hotel or beauty salon, the baroque commode is a useful storage cabinet, stylish and sophisticated.

The commodes with drawers have a solid wooden structure, which are assembled as in the past for an antique piece of furniture, the fittings are made of bronze.
To get the golden and silver effect, the furniture is made of a piece of art, silver foil and gold foil are used, which gives them a beautiful old look.

A little part of history

Around 1600, the rococo artistic movement was born in Italy in Rome, the exuberant works are very much present in the baroque furniture, the sculptures and the gilding on wood have a good representation. For the realization of our furniture, we have largely inspired this antique furnishings.

Our baroque commode will be delivered to you in one piece, no assembly is required.